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Oxo Kitchen Timer Review – Is it worth buying?

Cooking is a versatile task that requires precision and accurate timing to execute the recipe with perfect texture and flavor. But oftentimes we find it challenging to know whether the food is cooked or not and fail to achieve the desired taste and flavor. Nevertheless, a kitchen timer is the right tool that can help you to know when your food is done and achieve the desired flavor. But finding the best kitchen timer is not easy as there is a huge competition in the market. [1]

Do professional kitchens use timers?

To help you save your time and effort we asked our team of experts and reviewers to find and review all the top rated kitchen timers in the market.  They tested and reviewed all the kitchen timers and found out OXO kitchen timer manual stands out among all on the basis of both quality and performance. 

OXO Kitchen Timer Review

Key Features

  • Three 100-hour digital timers
  • Unique sound for each timer
  • Bright and large LED display
  • Easy to use press buttons
  • Non-slip bottom

This multifunctional timer is perfect for getting the desired cooking result. It has three different digital timers that can count the time up to 100-hours. It allows you to set three separate timers for three different tasks. In other words, if you’re cooking multiple recipes at the same time you can set up to three timers for each recipe on a single timer. This means you don’t need to buy extra kitchen timers for tracking time for multiple cooking and other tasks.

Unlike other timers, OXO kitchen timer counts time up to 100 hours; this means you can easily set the timer for cooking tasks taking more than one hour.  Also the kitchen timer has a unique sound for each timer so you can easily recognize which timer goes out. 

Furthermore, the LED display is large with oversize digits and inverse background light that make it easy to read the time at the first glance. The control panel has a large button with a start/stop and reset memory button that makes it convenient to set the timer without hassle. It also has a distinguished button for each timer as T1, T2, and T3. So, when you want to set the timer, press one of these buttons to choose the timer and set the alarm. 


What’s more interesting is that once the timer runs out it starts functioning as a clock. This means you don’t need to buy a separate clock for your kitchen and use it both as a timer and clock simultaneously. You also don’t need to buy another timer once you run out of the battery as you can buy oxo kitchen timer battery separately. [2]

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Prominent Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to set up to three alarms
  • Highly durable
  • Portable

Notable Cons

  • Bulky as compare to usual timer

Final Verdict

A kitchen timer can be your best assistant in the kitchen when you’ve a lot of other tasks waiting for your attention and Oxo kitchen timer is the ideal choice you would ever have. This amazing Kitchen timer has all the features from loud sound to quality build and flawless performance. Most importantly, it is very easy and straightforward to use.