6 Best Thin Waffle Maker 2021 (Updated May)

Almost everyone loves desserts like waffles and pancakes. Just like many other desserts, waffles can also bake in various ways. Classic thin waffles do not take too much time to be cook, and hence, there is no better comfort breakfast than cute, crisp, and tasty thin waffles. Thin waffles come in different shapes, from round-shaped pizzelle to heart-shaped cookies. So, consequently, you cannot make delicious and exquisite waffle recipes unless you have an appropriate waffle maker.

But hold on!

Waffle makers range widely in style and features. Hence, before you get to our list, let’s first clear some of the essential points you should keep in your mind before buying a waffle maker for yourselves.

Type of Waffle

The first thing you should keep in mind is what type of waffle you want to make. From fluffy Belgian waffles to thicker American style waffles, it is purely your matter of preference. Belgian waffle makers typically have round or square plates with a large deep pocket, which trap even more butter or syrup per bite and give you thick fluffy waffles with a slightly crisp exterior. 

On the other hand, American style waffle does not have deeper pockets; they are smaller thinner and flatter than Belgian waffle maker. Moreover, regular waffles are less crispier than Belgian waffles, which are crisp and strapping enough to bear various topping weight. Because most waffle makers make only one style of waffle, so you must know your favorite type before buying.

Number of Waffles

This is the key to waffle makers. Typically waffle makers make one to four waffles at a time. Hence, before selecting any model, it is essential to evaluate how many people you will be making waffles for. Moreover, you can also freeze waffles well, so consequently, choosing a waffle maker which makes more waffles at once is a good idea. As a result, you can store extra for your breakfast on a busy morning.


After the number of Waffles, it is the primary factor you should keep in mind before buying any waffle maker. Because the speed tells how much time it takes to make a waffle because waffle makers have different times to heat up and cook the food. Moreover, some models require a significant amount of time to reheat between batches while other support continuous cooking. 

Therefore, before purchase, it is crucial to calculate how many waffles you want and how much time they will require. It will give you a clear cut of which kind of waffle you need to buy. Hence, if you’re looking for a crowd, you’ll need a maker that crunch out multiple waffles at once. 

Indicator Light and Sound

This is another crucial factor to consider before buying any waffle makers. Always choose the maker which chimes or beep when your waffles are done, or it is preheated enough to cook waffles or ready to cook another batch. It will prevent you from babysitting for waffles and allows you to do other cooking tasks or gossip with your family during waffle making. Hence, I always prefer the model with audible or visual indicators.

However, if your model does not have any audio or visual indicator, you can also use a separate timer to alert you. You can find out the one here. The best way to know when your waffles are done is to monitor the maker’s steam output. This means, when your waffle stops releasing steam, it means the batter is nearly cooked.

Ease of Cleaning

Any kitchen appliance that is difficult to clean will make it tricky to use it often. Similarly, always prefer the waffle makers who are easy to clean or removable plates that are dishwasher safe. Another vital thing to keep your waffle maker safe is to use chopsticks or plastic tongs to remove waffles. It prevents scratching the non-stick surface and makes cleanliness easy, as scratches cause the batter to stick to the body and make cleaning difficult. 

Ease of Storage

Similarly, we know waffle makers are single-purpose cooking devices that are not used regularly. Many models come with a locking mechanism that securely tucks them away while others have cord winders or built-in cord storage to avoid tangle. Hence, No matter which model you should choose before purchase, make sure your waffle maker suits your storage space and needs.


Whether you are purchasing household equipment or a kitchen device, your budget is the one and the most crucial factor. Waffle makers can cost from the lowest to the highest price but choosing the one according to your account and fulfill your needs is the best thing.

Many people are confused with the price directly with the quality of material, but that does not mean cheap is less efficient. Many high-quality products come at an affordable price. Therefore, always be wise and spend your money carefully.

After reading the above points now, you have a clear idea about all the necessary factors before buying a waffle maker.

Keeping these factors in mind, we crafted a list of six best thin waffle makers among all the appliances available in the market. In this article, we are providing a brief product description of each tool, along with its essential pros and cons.


Top Rated

Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Cuisinart Waffle Maker


Best Price

KotiCidsin Sandwich Maker, Waffle Maker

KotiCidsin Waffle Maker

Chef's Advice to choose this waffle maker

1.Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WAF-F20Cuisinart WAF-F20 is an elegant-looking appliance with a chrome finish that makes two 5-inch pizzelle simultaneously. Its stainless steel, exclusively polished interior and extra-thick baking plates ensure uniform heat distribution and consistent browning.

It makes delicious and exquisite cookies in just a few minutes that can be effortlessly converted into cone shapes too. Along with this efficient device, CucinaPro also provides a variety of recipes to make tasty waffles at home. It has a light indicator to alert the user when the device becomes too hot. Its nonstick surface is easy to clean.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
This elegant-looking appliance can make two delicious waffles at a time.Its nonstick plates are not removable.
It is a durable device made up of stainless steel with a chrome finish.It has no waffles-ready indicator.
Extra-thick plates ensure uniform heat distribution.
The pizzelle baked by it can be easily converted into cone shapes.
A variety of recipes is available with the unit.
It has a light indicator to prevent the unit from becoming too hot.
The cleanliness and maintenance of the unit are pretty straightforward.

2. Chef’s Choice 854 Classic WafflePro Nonstick Waffle MakerChef’sChoice 854 Classic

Chef’sChoice classic waffle maker with its innovative design and a distinctive, floating top plate offers crisp waffles of uniform thickness. Its ultra-advanced baking quad backing mechanism allows you to get waffles of your favorite flavor, texture, and color. Most importantly, this small waffle maker bakes five delicious, heart-shaped waffles simultaneously in just 90 seconds or so.
It has multiple baking settings, instant temperature recovery, and waffle-ready beeper and light that allow you to control the baking process in a much better way. Besides, its non-stick plates, a built-in cord storage compartment, and an easily accessible, generous overflow channel make it a convenient-to-use appliance that can be effortlessly cleaned up and stored in a compact, upright position.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
You can get five delicious heart-shaped waffles at a time with it.The unit costs too much money.
It is time-saving and efficient.The warranty is limited to some parts only.
Its quad baking mechanism and multiple baking settings allow you to bake waffles with custom color and texture.
Its floating top plate ensures a uniform thickness of the waffles.
It can be conveniently cleaned up and stored after use.
A one-year warranty is available with the unit.

3.Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press, SilverCuisinart WM-PZ10

This baking appliance is perfect for making delicious and exquisite cookies. It bakes two thin and crisp, 4-inch pizzelle waffles simultaneously in just around 60 seconds. So, consequently, you can set the browning level from one to fiver for to-be-baked pizzelle and get two attractive decorative patterns on their top surface.
Cuisinart waffle maker has dual indicator lights and a locking pattern for its lid that ensures uniform browning. However, It also has nonstick plates that allow safe removal of the warm pizzelle off the unit after the baking has finished. The group includes a measuring spoon and a rolling dowel to make cannoli. Most importantly, the stainless steel brushed unit can be held in an upright position even after the baking process has done. The nonstick plates also help to clean up the unit quickly.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
You can get two delicious pizzelle at a time with it.You may need to practice a bit to understand its multiple features completely.
It takes only around one minute for baking a couple of pizzelle.The unit isn’t much durable and requires some extra care and safety measures for long-lasting performance.
It has multiple browning level settings and imprint two decorative patterns on each pizzella.
Its dual indicator lights and locking lid ensures uniform and consistent baking.
It can also be used to make cannoli.
It can be effortlessly cleaned up and stored in an upright position.

4.BLACK+DECKER Thin Waffle Maker/ Indoor Grill/GriddleBLACK+DECKER Best Thin Waffle Maker

This is a versatile household machine that features three appliances in one unit. You can select to work with its waffle maker, indoor grill, or griddle feature by merely switching its reversible cooking plates. It has an 8-by-8 inch cooking surface that has room for four servings at a time. It also has a unique 180-degree hinge. In other words, it doubles the cooking space to try an enhanced cooking experience with a large, flat griddle surface.
It has a variable heat control option to offer you your desired browning level. Its chrome housing and the insulator black handles make it a durable and safe-to-use appliance that can be store in an upright position. The removable nonstick grill plates are easy to clean but never put them in a dishwasher.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
It is a versatile three-in-one appliance.There is no instruction manual provided by Black+Decker with the unit despite being a versatile and a bit complex appliance.
You can bake up to eight thin waffles at a time with it.The hinging may become vulnerable with time.
Its variable heat control option provides uniform and consistent browning.
The unit is durable and safe-to-use.
Removable nonstick plates make cleaning and maintenance a lot easier.

5. Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron ThinPalmer Electric Belgian

This electric Belgian waffle maker bakes two thin and crisp Belgian cookies at once. It is a durable, commercially designed household appliance with cast aluminum plates and a stainless steel cover. Besides, with its preset automatic thermostat and tabular heating elements, it provides delicate and exquisite cookies.
It is perfect for making Stroopwaffles and lays out round-shaped thin waffles about 4 inches in diameter. However, You may use a cutter to give the cookies an elegant look and to cut them in half. Made in the US, the unit is solidly designed and has a three-leg stand that provides stability during the baking process.
There are no nooks and crannies in the bottom of the unit, and cast plates cover the whole side that makes cleaning and maintenance pretty easy. Most importantly, Palmer offers a 5-year warranty with the group.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
  Its cast aluminum plates and stainless steel cover makes it a durable and efficient device.The unit is a bit heavy.
You can bake a couple of waffles at a time with it.The unit misses a non-stick coating.
Its preset automatic thermostat and tabular heating elements ensure professional baking every time.
The unit is solidly designed and offers static-free working.
  The unit can be quickly cleaned every time.
5-years warranty is available with the unit.

6.KotiCidsin Sandwich Maker, Waffle Maker, Sandwich Grill, 750-Watts, 3-in-1 Detachable Non-stickBest Thin Waffle Maker

KotiCidsin waffle maker promises crisp and delicious waffles with its PTFE- and PFOA-free, eco-friendly, non-stick palates. It offers five thin 8-inch heart-shaped waffles at a time. It is perfectly suitable for a variety of batters and shades.
Its adjustable temperature control settings allow you to control the cooking process with precision and accuracy. It has a durable chrome exterior and conveniently store in an upright position. The cleanliness of the interior is always comfortable with the non-stick plates.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
It delivers five crisp, heart-shaped waffles at a time.  Its non-stick plates are not removable.
PTFE- and PFOA-free interior leads to secure and healthy cooking.It has no indicator/beeper to remind when the waffles are ready.
It is a durable device with a chrome exterior.
It has adjustable temperature control settings.
Cleanliness and maintenance are pretty straightforward with non-stick plates and vertical storage.

Conclusion: What is the best thin waffle maker?

After reading a detailed review of all these devices and considering the factors related to a thin waffle maker as mentioned earlier, now, you will be able to choose an appliance, investing in your money on which will be your wisest option. Cheers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if waffles sticking?

Pre-treat the surface with a non-stick spray. Do not clean the unit with harsh abrasives or soaps. Your dough has a lack of fats or too much sugar. So, add some fats or egg yolk into your batter to prevent sticking.

Where can I order parts?

Find your local service centre using the Service Center Locator.

What is Auto Shut-Off?

After one hour of non-use, the “on” light will begin to flash. This flashing light indicates that the unit has gone into the auto-off mode. In auto-off mode, the unit’s hating ability disabled. This feature is available on select models.

Why won’t my Waffle Maker turn on after auto-off?

To reset your waffle maker after auto-off, simply unplug the unit, wait two seconds, and reinsert plug into the wall outlet. This feature is available on select models.

What should I do if the power cord of my appliance is damaged?

Do not use your appliance. It may cause danger, Repair it by an approved repair centre.

Where can I purchase a Waffle Maker?

You can purchase a waffle maker at any participating retail outlet or on our website. They are widely distributed through mass merchants and department stores.

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