At itschefadvice, we recognize how critical product reviews are to your buying journey – and that integrity is just as crucial. That’s why we wanted to explain how we review and also confirm that our reviews are prepared without advertiser influence, paid placement, or free products. The information contained on the site is for informational purposes only and should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualify professional or expert.

Honesty and Integrity:

On itschefadvice.com, you never have to worry if we have a “dog in the show” influencing our reviews or ratings: they’re 100% unfiltered honesty from our testers. To put it simply, companies can’t pay us for a good score, or pay us to remove a bad one, period. This stance allows us to be transparent in our reviews for shoppers like you, as well as keeping us in compliance with “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” 16 CFR, Part 255, per the Federal Trade Commission.

How We Review:

Our reviews may be entirely written by itschefadvice.com staff, itschefadvice.com members, or maybe an aggregation of consumer opinions posted on other product websites. No matter what the source, you can trust the findings as unbiased, fact-checked guides to help you make the right decision for your product purchase. We are not compensated in any way by the product manufacturers, and no one pays us for a favorable product review.

Data-Gathering Methods:

While consumers are a great source of unbiased information, we recognize that opinions given directly after buying a specific product might be biased for or against that particular product, and opinions can be swayed for entirely non-product-related reasons. That’s why we also incorporate data from Google Consumer Surveys, a powerful Google-driven platform that engages tens of millions of users on both personal computers and mobile devices for unbiased surveys, gathering honest answers to your most important shopping questions. These surveys are never influenced by any payments or compensation from product manufacturers and retailers.

Affiliate Link Information:

Regardless of our rating or review of a particular product, we know that smart shoppers like to check things out for themselves, too! When we link out to a product in a review – good or bad – it may be through a special type of link called an affiliate link.

Don’t worry – this won’t cost you anything or change anything on your end – it simply lets the Amazon Associates program know that our site is the reason that you are viewing their products. If we offer any promotional codes or coupons, these might also use an affiliate link to the program. If you make a purchase through either of these methods, itschefadvice.com may receive an affiliate commission (payment) from Amazon in exchange for helping you discover their site and giving you unbiased information to make your buying decision. These affiliate payments are not in any way based on the way we review or do not review product(s) – they’re simply a way of letting Amazon know that you came to them through itschefadvice.com.

Our Philosophy:

At itschefadvice.com, our ultimate goal is to ensure that each and every visitor feels empowered to make an informed, well-researched decision when they’re ready to buy a product. We look at the specific facts about a product, consider it from “all angles,” and listen to the experiences of customers like you when we create our ranking and review systems. We won’t declare any product the “best” or “worst,” because we recognize that shopping for a product is ultimately a very personal decision with a great many individual considerations. We provide our reviews without hype and hyperbole for a reason – we feel that you deserve trustworthy, well-rounded information, not marketing ploys or sensationalism. We hope that your visit to itschefadvice.com helps you find the product that’s right for your needs, and welcome you to visit us anytime you need reassurance or information on a product you’re considering. Happy shopping!