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Best Kitchen Timer For Seniors Reviews

Research has revealed that people start to experience various levels of hearing loss as they age. Their brains become sensitive to sounds and have trouble hearing low sounds. That’s why an ordinary kitchen timer with a beep sound may not be effective for them. Best Kitchen timer for seniors consumer reports has revealed that a kitchen timer should be loud, large and portable so they can hear clearly even when not present in the kitchen. [1]

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To help you find the best kitchen timer for seniors with music or loud sound our team of experts and analysts tested the top rated kitchen timers in the market. After a lot of testing and negotiation they reached the conclusion that the LIORQUE Countdown Timer is the ideal option. 

Here is why!

LIORQUE Countdown Timer For Seniors Features

Booming Sound

The LIORQUE Countdown kitchen timer has all that a kitchen timer for seniors required. It comes with three sound levels from 0 db to 80 db to meet your different needs. You can adjust the sound level according to your desire and needs. For instance if you’re going to use the timer for your grandparents you can raise the volume up to 80 db according to the desire. However, if you’re going to use it for personal use you can decrease the volume. 

Quality Construction

Apart from high sound levels, the timer is also made of premium quality material. Unlike other timers that are made of plastic, its outer ring is made of aluminum alloy ensuring the durability and longevity of the timer. Now you don’t need to worry when using the timer. Even if it falls from a certain height it will not break easily.

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Dual Functionality

The timer can count down from 99 minutes and 55 seconds and count up for 99 minutes and 55 seconds. So in other words you can use this timer both as a kitchen timer as well as a stopwatch. 

Ease of Usage

Moreover, it is pretty easy and straightforward to use. The timer design is inspired from the dashboard of the cars making it easy to use for elders. All you need to to rotate the outer ring of the timer is to increase or decrease the values of the timer. Once you have set the time, push the start/stop button on the LCD to start or stop the operation. 


Large Display

Since this timer is specifically designed for elderly people thus it has a large and bright LED display with large digits. You can easily read the digits on the LED screen without putting the burden on your eyes. The LED remains bright through the operation however you can also set the timer into the power saving mode. In this mode the digits will darken in 5s and shutdown after 5 s when there is no operation. [2]

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Final Verdict

When choosing a best kitchen timer for seniors at home, you need to pay extra attention to various features such as loud sound and oversized digits so they can hear and see cleanly without putting much burden on their eyes and ears.

LIORQUE Countdown Timer For Seniors has this all. It has loud sound up to 80 db and large digits that are visible from a large distance. It is easy and straightforward to use, making it a perfect choice for older people.