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Best Mechanical Kitchen Timer

Are you having a hard time cooking your favorite dishes and they get over or undercook every time? What about buying the best mechanical kitchen timer? It may not be a trendious cooking tool but having one can solve a lot of your cooking problems. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, kitchen timer is an invaluable gadget that you should definitely have in your kitchen. [1]

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However, buying a good kitchen timer which has all the features that your microwave or phone don’t have is challenging. It requires a lot of time and effort to find the one that meets all your cooking needs. To help you find which one is worth investing your money we combed through some of the top rated mechanical kitchen timers on amazon and found the one that might meet your cooking criteria.

KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Timer Features

Whether used as a stopwatch, alarm clock or countdown timer, KTKUDy does it all. That’s not all, this little gadget has some other interesting features that make your cooking more easy and effortless.


It comes with three different modes that allows you to set alarms, track time for your recipes and provide alerts when the food is done.

Loud Sound

The timer has a loud beep sound that you can hear across the room so even if you’re not in the kitchen or in another room you will get alert. What’s more it doesn’t stop beeping until you turn it off yourself. 


For instance, the timer is equipped with a memory function that automatically saves your last time setting. This means if you want to count the time after intervals you can do it without starting from zero every time. The timer also comes with a magnet on the back so you can easily hang it on the refrigerator or metal object for easy viewing.


LCD Display

It may not be the prettiest or stylish kitchen timer but the large LCD display and flawless performance make it worth spending your money. It has a bright LED display with a simple and straightforward control system that makes it effortless to use in the hectic routine of the kitchen.

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Color Options

You can also choose between four different colors including white, green, pink, blue and black depending on your taste and kitchen decor. Above all it is made with premium quality material that ensures the durability and longevity of the timer. So, if quality and performance is your top priority then this is the best no battery kitchen timer that you can get on the market. [2]

Final Verdict

A kitchen timer can be a great help when you’ve a hectic schedule and want to do other tasks while cooking food. It can provide immediate alert when to turn off the stove and prevent your food from burning. But buying the one with all features is tricky as all timers have different features. 

To your surprise KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Timer has all the necessary features that you need in your kitchen timer. This four in one kitchen timer is extremely loud, durable, convenient, lightweight and highly user friendly making your cooking more precise and effortless.