Best Kitchen Timers of 2021 Mechanical & Digital

Cooking is an art, and every art requires some specific tactics for perfection. Cooking a recipe for an appropriate time is the most crucial tactic of a chef. To master the art of cooking, having an efficient kitchen timer is essential for a chef.

Although, most of the kitchen appliances come with a built-in timer nowadays. But, having a dedicated timer on your kitchen counter can help you to perform multiple cooking operations without any hassle. 

You should consider these two factors when you are thinking about the purchase of a kitchen timer.

  • If you are a professional chef, then you should choose a timer with multiple counters. It allows you to monitor various cooking operations simultaneously.
  • An analog timer gives a classic look on your kitchen counter, but they often lack precision and accuracy. So, choosing a digital timer can provide you various convenient features.

Here is a list of the top 10 best kitchen timers out there.

1. YOOYIST Restaurant Timer

The YOOYIST Restaurant is a perfect kitchen timer for a commercial kitchen. You can set 4 different countdowns on it at the same time, and they will run independently without disturbing each other.

This commercial level timer features comfortable buttons and a clear digital display for its easy monitoring. Its alarm is loud enough that you can easily hear it even in a noisy kitchen. However, you can also lower the volume up to your convenience.

YOOYIST has constructed this sturdy timer with durable stainless steel. It features no battery, and you can run it on a 110V power supply. Moreover, you can mount it on the wall with a bracket. But you can’t stick it on the refrigerator as it is a bit heavier.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Four countdownsNo battery
Clear digital displayA bit heavier
Loud, adjustable alarm

2. Wrenwane Big Digits Kitchen Timer

The Wrenwane Big Digits is a multifunctional best kitchen timer that can serve both as a countdown timer and a stopwatch. You can set it at a maximum time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

As the name suggests, the Wrenwane Big Digits features a digital display with significant, bold digits. This large and clear display allows you to monitor it from anywhere across the kitchen.

It features a loud-sounding alarm that you can easily hear even when you are outside your kitchen. Moreover, With its small on/off button, you can power it down after the use. Its memory function will save the current settings for the next use.

The Wrenwane Big Digits features a compact, and you can place it on your table or countertop using its pull-out stand. You can also stick on the fridge door with its large magnet. Likewise, you can hang it with the wall by running a piece through its hook.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Digital display with big, bold digitsRequired battery not included in the package
Counts up and downRelatively short time range
Loud-sounding alarm
On/off button
Compact design
Three placement choices

3. ZYQY 1013

The ZYQY 1013 is a specially designed best kitchen timer that can serve those chefs too who are visually or/and hearing impaired. It features three countdown alarms, including a red flasher, a loud beeper, and vibration.

Its digital display is large enough that you can monitor its reading from a few feet away. Moreover, You can effortlessly press its large buttons even if you are a person with not the best eyesight.

The ZYQY 1013 can count hours plus minutes or minutes plus seconds. Therefore, You can set the time up to 20 hours or 20 minutes. Besides, Its automatic memory function saves the settings for the next use. It is battery-operated, and the package includes two AAA batteries.

The ZYQY 1013 is a small-sized timer, and you can place it on your table or countertop using its stand. You can also stick on the fridge door with the magnet on its backside. Likewise, you can hang it with the wall using its spring clip.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Three countdown alarmsNo turn-off button
Large, clear digital display
Two AAA batteries
Three placement choices

4. Kirot Visual Countdown Timer

If you need to check how much time you left with quickly, then it the best choice. The Kirot visual countdown is an analog timer, and it gives a classical look to your kitchen counter. You can set it up to a time of 60 minutes.

This battery-operated timer includes two AAA batteries. It counts entirely using a red disk that shrinks as time passes.

It features a loud alarm to let you know about the completion of counting. You can adjust the alarm volume in two levels, including loud and low. Likewise, you can set the alarm lasting time on 3 or 60 seconds.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Quiet countingAnalog timer
Loud alarmShort time range
Two AAA batteries

5. eTradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer

eTradewinds has made this digital kitchen timer keeping those people in mind who can’t see very well but love to cook. Both its numbers and buttons are oversized so that a visually impaired chef can easily use it.

It can count up as well as down up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. You can shut it down with an auto-shutoff button. Moreover, Its auto memory saves the current settings for the next use.

Its digital display is large enough for comfortable and easy viewing. Therefore, it is best for older people who can not see correctly. You can easily hear its pleasant mellow beep even when you are outside the kitchen.  eTradewinds offers an extra second battery for hassle-free usage. It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Large, clear digital displayRelatively short time range
Pleasant mellow beep
Auto memory function
Extra 2nd battery
Lifetime replacement warranty

6. Keiastr Digital Kitchen Timer

The Keiastr digital kitchen timer is a dual countdown timer, works both as a Minute Timer and a Second Timer. Moreover, You can fix the time up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds which is beneficial for multiple dishes.

It features a 2.3-inch large LCD readout that shows a clear, easy-to-read display. So, consequently, You can observe this display from across the kitchen. Besides, It also features an alarm with adjustable volume, high, low, or mute.

The Keiastr digital kitchen timer is a battery-operated device, and the package comes with two AAA batteries. It’s on/off button allows you to save the battery when it is not in use.

You can place the Keiastr digital timer on your table or countertop using its retractable stand. Its magnetic back allows you to stick it on the fridge door with its large magnet. Likewise, it also features a hook for its hanging on the wall.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Dual countdown timerA bit weak magnet
Large LCD readout
Adjustable alarm volume
Two AAA batteries
On/off button
Three placement choices

Taylor Precision Products Four-Event Kitchen Timer

The Taylor Precision Products 5849 is a multi-function digital best kitchen timer. It can track up to four different cooking operations. So, consequently, You can set a distinct alarm for every countdown.

It features a large LCD readout that shows a bright, easy-to-read display. You can read this display from across the kitchen. It is a battery-operated timer, and the package comes with two AAA batteries.

The Taylor Precision Products 5849 features a built-in whiteboard and dry-erase markers. You can use this whiteboard to display recipes, label timer, events, etc. Likewise, You can place it on your countertop using its retractable stand or stick it on the fridge using magnetic studs on its back.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Four different time trackersNo hanging hook
Four distinct alarmsA bit weak magnet
Large LCD readout
Two AAA batteries
Buil-in whiteboard

8. OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

The OXO Good Grips is a triple timer and useful for timing events and sub-intervals. It features three 100-hour digital timers, each with a unique alarm sound.

Its easy-to-read LCD screen serves as a clock when it is not counting. It includes soft buttons for timing adjustments and the stop/start of the timer. Its memory function saves the time settings for the next use.

The OXO Good Grips is a battery-operated timer and includes two AAA batteries. Its angled face offers a clear visibility on countertops or shelves. On the other hand, its non-slip feet provide stability and surface protection.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Three 100-hour timersNo hook or magnet
Three unique alarmsAlarms aren’t very loud
Easy-to-read LCD screen
Also serves as a clock
Stop/start button
Memory function
Two AAA batteries
Angled face for clear visibility
Non-slip feet

9. Datexx Miracle TimeCube Timer

The Datexx Miracle TimeCube features a fun and innovative design. It is a unique, cube shape timer with 4 of 6 its sides feature preset time settings.

You can start the timer with any one of these settings by placing the side with that setting as the top upper face. A digital readout on the bottom displays the countdown. While a Loud beeper lets you know when the countdown is complete.

The Datexx Miracle TimeCube is a battery-operated timer. But the package comes with no battery, and you will have to purchase two AAA batteries. It’s on/off button allows you to save power when it is not counting.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Fun and innovative designOnly four time settings
Preset time settingsBatteries not included in the package
Digital readout
Loud beeper
On/off button

10. Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

The Kikkerland vintage is a classic-looking best kitchen timer that features an adorable, retro design. Made of durable steel, it takes a little space on your kitchen counter.

It is an analog timer, and you can countdown it up to 55 minutes. You have to turn its chrome ring clockwise to 55 minutes and then counterclockwise to set your desired time. It buzzes for a few seconds once the countdown is complete.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Durable, retro designAnalog timer
Compact designShort time range

The Bottom Line: What is the best kitchen timer?

As we have mentioned earlier, digital timers have many convenient features that analog timers lack. But, digital timers are a bit expensive. Similarly, a timer with a wide time range can also cost you a relatively more considerable amount.

So, you should critically consider your kitchen needs and budget range before making a final decision. Once you have reviewed both these aspects wisely, then you can easily pick a kitchen timer that will work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a kitchen timer?

A kitchen timer is straightforward to use; just simply press the timer button to verify the current digit and move to the next number. The timer will begin as soon as the last digit is verified.

What is the purpose of a kitchen timer?

Kitchen timer is a specialized type of alarm clock or buzzer, commonly used to assist in timing during cooking or baking. Besides, it has many other uses. For example, it tells you when to pull your laundry, putting the kids for a time-out, or speed testing.

What is the difference between a Mechanical timer and a Digital timer?

Both Mechanical timers and digital timers are used for the same purpose, but the main difference is the technology. Mechanical timer work upon the force provided by the user. When you turn the dial to set time, you give them the power to complete the cycle by compressing the spring. As the spring unwinds, it causes the dial to move by turning gears. On the other hand, a Digital timer is a battery-operated device that counts down the time digitally.

Which timer is best Mechanical or digital?

The mechanical timer is less precise than digital, as you can only set minutes on it, not hours. On the other hand, a digital timer runs on a battery and allows you to set minutes, hours, and seconds. Hence, a digital timer is the best choice and more precise.