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The Rapala Fillet Knife Review

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a dinner made with fish freshly caught by yourself. The taste, aroma, and flavor of freshly caught home-cooked fish provide another level of happiness. However, preparing the fish is the most daunting process for most people if they don’t have the right fillet knife. That’s why choosing the best fillet knife is necessary for a better filleting experience. This Rapala fillet knife review is written for people who are struggling to find the best fillet knife for trout

In this article, we will provide a complete breakdown of the best Rapala Fillet knife. We have tested this knife for over a few months and we are confident that we can give an honest review on the various aspects of this fillet knife. 

So, let’s get started!

Features of the Rapala Fillet Knife


Overall Length: 15.5 inches

Blade Construction: Lithium-ion with lock

Handle Construction: Plastic with cooling vents

Voltage: 110 volts

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Power Supply

The first thing that we liked about the Rapala fillet knife is the strong power supply that it provides to fillets even the big fish quickly and effortlessly. The knife comes with a 110 V power motor which is three times stronger than a standard electric fillet knife. This means you can easily cut through the bones, ribs, salmon, trout, and other big fishes. While the advanced air-flowing body design keeps the motor cool and ensures smooth running for a long time. So, if you are going to fillet a lot of fish in one go, the knife will work perfectly fine without any disruption. 

Blade Size & Material

You will be impressed by the sharpness and premium quality of the Rapala fillet knife. It comes with carbon stainless steel blades that are extremely rust and corrosion-resistant to ensure the blade doesn’t get dull or rusty even after using it in saltwater for a long time. 

Moreover, the reciprocating blades are sharp enough to make clear and clean cuts right through the flesh and bones with ease. Since the blades are quite sharp you have to be gentle with your hands while making the cuts. Also, there are different Rapala fillet knife sizes such as 4-inch Rapala fillet knife, Rapala fillet knife 6-inch, and 7-inch so you can replace the blade depending on the fish size. [1]



Since it is made with a carbon stainless steel blade, it is highly durable and reliable. The knife is made to last for years. So even if you’re going to use it regularly it will last longer than other electric fillet knives. The blades may get dull after some use but you can sharpen them with an electric knife sharpener at any time. Even if the blade gets damaged you can replace it instead of buying a new knife.

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One of the biggest concerns that users have while using an electric knife is their safety. A knife doesn’t remain ideal when it no longer ensures the safety of the consumer. But that’s not the case with the Rapala fillet knife electric as it provides complete safety with an ergonomic handle and other safety features. The handle is made with a non-slip material that provides a strong and comfortable grip over the knife so it doesn’t slip while working. [2]

Dishwasher safe

Another greatest advantage of the best Rapala fillet knife is, it is dishwasher safe. Since a fillet knife gets dirty after the filleting process so cleaning can be a hassle for many people. But that’s not the case with Rapala fillet knives. 

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a fillet knife that can easily and quickly cut the sturdy backbones and ribs in the fish then don’t look further than the Rapala fillet knife. It is extremely durable, reliable, portable, and user-friendly, perfect for beginners as well as professionals.

Have you tried this amazing knife already? Give us your precious thoughts on it. We would love to hear from you.