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Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle Review

Wondering whether Cuisinart electric kettle is the right choice for you or not? This Cuisinart cordless electric kettle review is definitely for you. 

Recently electric kettles have become widely popular and are highly in demand for their advanced features like precise temperature control and LED indicator that make the brewing process even faster and easier for the tea enthusiast. This increase in demand has stirred up huge competition in the market among the competitors making it difficult for many people to select the best electric tea kettle with temperature control for them. 

To help you make the right choice, we have written a complete review about Cuisinart electric kettle, its advantages, drawbacks, and why it is worth your money. [1]

Let’s have a look at Cuisinart perfect temp electric tea kettle review.

Cuisinart Perfect Temp Tea Kettle Features

What Includes in the Box?

  • Kettle
  • Base


  • Capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Color: Stainless steel, Black, Glass
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Special Features: 360-degree swivel cordless connecter, removable spout filter, easy view water window, LED light indicator, 6 preset temperature

Temperature Control

If you’re a true tea lover then you might know that making different kinds of tea in a stovetop kettle isn’t an easy task. Traditional kettles don’t provide precise control of the temperature and as a result most of the time we experienced the acrid, bitter taste of tea leaves due to over or under-boiling. But with Cuisinart advanced temperature control settings you can make different kinds of tea without compromising on the taste.

The kettle has six different pre-set temperature control settings that allow you to set the temperature for white tea, green tea, black tea, delicate tea, and even french press with a single click of a button. 

Extremely Fast

One of the best advantages of this kettle that we have found, this heats up faster than the other kettles as well as the microwave. It can heat up 1.7 liters of water in just 6 minutes and bring it to a boil in no time. So if you’ve got a large family of tea lovers then this kettle is right for you. You can make as many cups of tea as you want in fewer minutes. 

Keep Warm Function

Keep warm function is another excellent feature that will definitely make you fall in love with this amazing kettle. After making the tea, you can keep your tea at the desired temperature for 30 minutes.  All you need to do is press the button located on the handle and the kettle will undergo the keep warm mode.

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Highly convenient

Unlike other electric kettles, Cuisinart is extremely easy and effortless to use. The control panel is bright and visible with large buttons located right on the handle and labeled with the temperature and type of tea. 

It also has a backlit water window that allows you to keep an eye on the boiling water without removing the lid. The Glass window is also labeled with the capacity so you can measure the water level easily, eliminating the guesswork.

Moreover, the bottom of the kettle stays cool regardless of the water temperature so you can place it directly on the table surface without any hassle. Also, the charging base is removable making it easier for you to move the kettle around the house. 


Best Value for Money

The 100$ price may sound high for some people but given the convenience, it provides to the user it definitely worth the money. We have been using this kettle for over a year and it is working perfectly fine. It’s highly durable and Cuisinart electric kettle cleaning is also very easy. Even if you witness any malfunctioning you can refer to the Cuisinart electric kettle manual for troubleshooting steps and further guidance. [2]

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Cuisinart Electric Kettle Problems

Although Cuisinart is an excellent electric kettle with numerous supportive features, the only flaw that we have noticed is that the outside gets hot after boiling for a long time. So you need to be careful and keep it out of the reach of the children. Also, the kettle doesn’t come with an infuser so it can be difficult to brew whole-leaf tea in it. 

Final Verdict

Cuisinart electric kettle is an outstanding kettle with a superior quality build and advanced features that make it extremely easier for you to make different kinds of tea and coffee at an ideal temperature. It is highly convenient and user-friendly with an easy-to-use control panel. So, if you are a heavy tea drinker and want to enjoy flavorful tea every time, this kettle is right for you. If you still have some doubts you can look into Cuisinart electric kettle reviews for further help and information.