How to Professionally Make French Press Coffee at Home


French press coffeeDrinking a cup of French press coffee early in the morning can keep you fresh and ultra-strong for an entire day. Making a flavorful and dark cafetiere doesn’t require much skill or some heavy machinery. You can professionally brew a cup of cafetiere with a distinctive flavor and aroma in only ten minutes or so.

You just need only three things to get a pot full of delicious and exquisite French press coffee.

To fully understand and learn the complete brewing process, carefully read, and repeat the steps given below.

Set up the French Pressfrench press

First of all, place your French press, water, and coffee beans on the table. After assembling all the things, initiate the brewing process by removing the lid and filter from your press pot.

Select an Appropriate Grounds-to-Water Ratio

Select an appropriate grounds-to-water ratio that mainly depends on the size of the coffee you like. However, typically it goes as one cup water with two tablespoons coffee beans. You can vary this ratio as you want to be.

Heat the WaterCup with french press

Take the amount of water you have selected and heat it up to 900C or so. Make sure that the water temperature doesn’t touch the 1000C mark. To get the recommended temperature, you can let the water boil first and then let it cool down for a minute or so.

You may like using filtered water for making coffee to get the best taste, but with the French press, this isn’t required. You can also use unfiltered water as a French press isn’t much sensitive to the minerals present in it.

Pour the Hot Water Safely into the French

After heating the water to the recommended temperature, gently pour it into your French press. Before pouring the water into the glass container of the press pot, pour some warm water that is not too hot to the glass container first. It will prevent the glass from being cracked as glass isn’t an excellent conductor of heat. And putting the hot water suddenly to a glass container may cause its cracking or shattering.

Grind the Coffee Beans with Perfection

Usually, a French press coffee tastes best with medium ground beans. Too fine grounds will leave the sludge at the cup bottom. On the other hand, too coarse beans will make a cup of coffee with compromised flavor and aroma. So, while grinding the beans for your French press coffee, set the ground level neither too fine nor too coarse to get the best of the distinctive flavor and aroma of the French press coffee.Grinding the beans

Allow the Beans to Bloom

Pour a small amount of hot water onto the ground beans by moving the water pot around the French press and leave the press for a couple of moments. This will allow the beans to deposit full of their exquisite flavor and aroma into the water.

Add the Residual Water

The moment you feel the coffee beans have released enough flavor and aroma pour in the residual water softly. After adding all the water, close the lid and filter of the press pot.

Let the Coffee Brew Perfectly

While closing the lid and filter of your French press, make sure the filter is not touching the grounds and water. Leave the beans for three to four minutes as it is and let them release their flavor and aroma. You can increase this brew time up to five minutes to get a bit intense cafetiere. But don’t leave it for more than five minutes as it will make the coffee over-extracted and bitter.

Pour the Coffee into Your Mug or a FlaskPour the coffee into mug

When you feel the coffee has brewed enough. Pour this delicious and exquisite French press coffee into your mug and enjoy drinking it. And, if you want to drink it later, then empty the press pot into a flask but never leave the coffee in it as this will cause over-extraction and bitterness.

Some people like the less mouthfeel. If your one of them, then you can pour the coffee into the mug or flask through a paper or fabric filter. But remember, using a paper or fabric filter may affect the flavor and aroma distinctively related to a French press coffee.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to drink a French press coffee yourself, or you have to serve a cup of cafetiere to one of your guests. Don’t overthink, just took your French press and brew the tempting cafetiere with it effortlessly.