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How to Make Espresso with a French Press?

There is no need for any modification in your French press to make espresso with it. Only you need coffee beans and water along with your press pot to brew espresso with a French press.

The brewing process can be performed conveniently and has been explained in some pretty easy steps.

How to Make Espresso with a French Press

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You want to start your day with a classic espresso shot, but don’t have an espresso coffee maker that could brew a delicious and exquisite cup of espresso. Don’t worry; Instead, you can also use your French press to make a cup of coffee with the exclusive flavor and aroma of espresso beans.


  • French Press

  • Coffee Ingredients

  • A Pot to Boil Water

  • Coffee Grinder

  • A Mug


  • First of all, assemble your French press and coffee ingredients. Then remove the lid and filter from your press pot. Make sure that the filter has been propelled up to the lid.
  • Start heating the water and heat up to 900C or so. Then put this hot water to your French press. Before adding the water to the press pot, make sure that the water temperature is less than its boiling temperature, i.e., 1000C. To achieve the required temperature, you can let the water boil first and then let it cool down for some time.stainless-steel-cookware-on-stove
  • Glass isn’t an excellent conductor of heat, and putting the hot water suddenly to a French press may lead to the cracking or shattering of even its heat-safe glass. To prevent the glass from being cracked, you should pre-warm your press pot. For this purpose, you may pour some warm water that is not too hot to the glass container first.
  • As we know, a classic espresso requires the coffee beans to be finely ground. But a usual French press uses medium ground beans that won’t be trapped in or get through the metal filter. To make a great espresso with a French press, you will need neither too coarse nor too fine grounds. Grinding too coarse will affect the taste and aroma of your espresso while grinding too fine will leave the coffee with sludge at the bottom of the cup.Grind-the-Coffee-Beans-with-Perfection-1
  • To get a strong enough espresso with a French press, you will have to increase the grounds-to-water ratio two times. To fulfill this requirement, you will need to add approximately two tablespoons of grounds to each cup of water.
  • Pour the hot water in a small quantity onto the grounds by moving the water pot around the French press. Leave the press pot as it is for a couple of moments and let the beans deposit their exquisite flavor and aroma.
  • Once the coffee beans have released enough flavor and aroma, pour in the residual water gently. As advised earlier, keep the quantity of water half as much for a usual French press coffee to make your espresso strong enough. While pouring in the water, don’t stir the beans as it may lead to the grounds dropping out of suspension and can change the extraction.
  • Once all the water pour in, close the lid and filter of your French press. Make sure the filter is not touching the grounds and water. Leave the beans for three to four minutes to release their flavor and aroma. You can increase this brew time up to five minutes to get more potent espresso, but don’t leave it for more than five minutes as it will make the coffee over-extracted and bitter.the-Espresso-Brew-1
  • When you feel your espresso has brewed enough, propel the filter down midway. Then drive it back to the top and pull it to the bottom. This will leave a thin layer of crema on the top of your coffee, a trademark of the classical espresso shot.
    Empty this delicious and exquisite espresso into a mug and enjoy drinking it.
    Just in case you lean toward less mouthfeel, you can pour your espresso into the mug through a paper or fabric filter. But, using a paper or fabric filter may affect the espresso flavor.Pour-the-Espresso-into-the-Mug-1


  • Whether you want to try a classic espresso shot for yourself, or you have to serve a cup of espresso to one of your guests. Don’t overthink, just took your French press and make the tempting espresso with it effortlessly.