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EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener Presto Review

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Presto is one of the famous brands that provide high quality products with unique design. This Wisconsin based company has been leading the culinary world for decades, thanks to their excellent craftsmanship.

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They currently offer two electric knife sharpeners among them we are going to review Eversharp electric knife sharpener presto. This incredible sharoner has excellent build and stand out in our Best electric knife sharpener reviews. Our team of experts has personally tested this hefty sharpener on a number of knives and drafted this review. 

EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener Presto Features


One of the first things that we like about this sturdy sharpener is its excellent design that can fit any traditional and modern kitchen decor. The sharpener is large in size, has length instruction and delivers extra spark for making your blade razor sharp. It measures 12 x 5 x 4 inches and weights around 5 pounds, requiring a significant amount of space on your kitchen cabinet. 

The sharpener is round in shape with three suction cups at the bottom that provide stability during work. You also have the choice to select between thick medium and thin sharpening according to the type of blade and desired sharpness you wanted. [1]

There are a total three sharpening areas (specifically called stages) on the sharpener each with two slots. Stage 1 and 2 are made of Sapphirite, an ultrahard material used in professional sharpeners only while the stage 3 is made with ceramic for razor sharpening and honing of the blades. 

Stage 1 is used for coarse grinding, meaning if your knives are fully dull. But if you have less dull knives you can skip the stage 1 and use the stage 2 for precision sharpening of the blades. Stage 3 is used on extremely less dull knives for fine and cutting edge razor sharpening or frequent touch ups on already sharp knives.


The sharpening process with this sharpener is a bit complicated as you need to carefully follow the instructions if you want desired results. One of the key aspects during the process is the time and speed at which you pull the knife from each stage. Generally you should move a knife 2 inch every second so an 8 inch knife would require a total of 4 seconds to pass. 

How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener?

Since it is explicitly designed for sturdy knives, there are chances that it may ruin delicate knives. So users need to take care of this factor when sharpening delicate knives. That’s why People often ask, Can you sharpen serrated knives with Presto EverSharp?”. The answer is yes, the instructio note says you can sharpen serrated knives with it. If you don’t have any idea How do you sharpen EverSharp knives, read our guide on How do you use a Presto knife sharpener. 



This sturdy knife sharpener comes at a reasonable price of 50 dollars which is quite affordable as compared to other models of the same features in the market. Mercer Culinary Triple Diamond 3 Stage Sharpener, that offers the same three stage cutting edge sharpening is approximately thrice the price. However, if you want something more, then Presto also offers a small two stage sharpener which is cheaper in price than this. [2]

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Final verdict

Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is an excellent sharpener, if you want a heavy duty and powerful equipment to sharpen your blades. It gives excellent performance and comes at an affordable price. However, it is too complicated for beginners, instead there are many small and effective sharpeners that provide excellent spark to sharpen your blades.