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Breville Hand Blender Review: Is This Immersion Blender Worth It?

An immersion blender can be an ideal kitchenaid to do the simple blending task in the kitchen rather than dragging a large blender for those basic tasks. What’s more, it is an inexpensive alternative that offers a similar fraction of performance as the bulky and expensive appliances. So, if you’re looking to buy an immersion blender for your kitchen then the Breville hand blender is the right choice for you.

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We have asked our team of experts and analysts to find and test some of the top rated immersion blenders on the market. The results show that Breville hand blender stands out among all for its exceptional performance and quality build. So, keep reading to find out if it is the right choice for you. [1]

Breville Hand Blender Features

Founded in 1932, Breville has an excellent history for making aristocratic home appliances, specifically blenders, coffee machines, toasters, kettles, microwaves and toaster ovens. Their innovative products have been making the chef’s lives easier all around the world and this Breville immersion blender is also not an exception.

This amazing blender is an ideal equipment for chefs who have small space but still need blending, chopping and whisking capabilities. It is competitively priced and designed well to cater all of your blending, whisking and chopping needs in a well equipped and effortless manner.


Breville immersion blender has a classic and compact design with a bell shaped base and internal ribbing break suction to provide more control and better performance. The shaft of the immersion blender is 8 inch long with an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable and strong grip everytime.

Both the crushing blades, whisker and blending shaft are made of premium quality stainless steel material to ensure the durability and longevity of the blender. 

Furthermore, the 6 foot extra long cord provides the convenience of a cordless immersion blender making sure it is always ready to go when you need it. Consequently, you can do the blending tasks more effortlessly than before. 


The breville immersion blender comes with a powerful 280 watt motor that provides strong circulation to make sure all the ingredients are blended evenly and consistently.  The ergonomic handle has a trigger option that allows you to effortlessly kick start the blending operation while the advanced control enables you to control the speed according to your need and desire.


Whisk & Chopping Bowl

The breville hand blender parts also include a separate whisk attachment and a 25 oz chopping bowl to cater all of your blending needs. That’s also the reason it stands out from the crowd of best handheld blenders. So, whether you want to blend your favorite smoothies, puree soups, whisk egg or cream , or chop the vegetables you can do it all with this compact size immersion blender.

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Measuring Jug

Furthermore, you also get an extra measuring jug with the unit which you can use for the blending task. Above all the blender is pretty easy and  effortless to use. You can not only use it at home as well as in office and outside adventure unless you have a secure power source.

Easy to Clean

Although it is not dishwasher safe, it is still quite easy to clean. You can separate the attachments with a single push of a button and wash it with soup or dishwasher. However, make sure to clean the breville control housing unit with a damp cloth. Most importantly bavelive offers both corded and cordless hand held blender. So, if you want to use a cordless blender you can choose a breville hand blender cordless for more easy and effortless working.  [2]

Final Verdict

For people who have small kitchens but still need a convenient tool to cater all their blending tasks, Breville hand blender is an ideal option. This compact immersion blender is easy to use and has all the features that you need to do all the blending, whisking, and chopping tasks in the kitchen. Most importantly, the blender is highly affordable in price and made with premium quality material to ensure the durability and longevity.