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Best Hand Coffee Grinder for French Press

Among all the coffee brewing techniques, french press makes the best out of coffee grounds. Unlike other methods, French Press doesn’t soak up the flavor and taste from the coffee grounds so you can taste coffee with all of your five senses. However, to achieve the best french press flavor, you need to grind the coffee beans just before the brewing. Thus for the beast coffee flavor you need to have a hand operated coffee grinder at your home. [1] 

So, if you don’t have a coffee grinder at your home you will have to buy a new one. To help you find the best small coffee grinder for french press we have tested some of the top coffee grinders in the market. After a lot of discussion and repetitive analysis we choose to feature JavaPresse Manual coffee Grinder due to its compact design and killer grind that provide excellent coffee flavor every time. 

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Review

If you’re looking for a reliable, highly convenient and more durable coffee grinder, then Javapresse should be at the top of your list. With an impressive history of decades, this amazing coffee grinder has been wildly popular among coffee enthusiasts. Here I will show you how JavaPresse coffee grinder stands out from all other grinders of the same range. [2]


First thing that makes us love this coffee grinder is its simple and compact design. It is only 2 cm wide and 6 cm in height, making it easy for you to easily carry it around. While the stainless steel build ensures the durability of the grinder so it lasts longer. Also, it is highly lightweight, which means you can easily throw it in your bag and take it outside without any hessle. 

Another point that we love is the detachable crank that effortlessly slips off the axle making it easy to store the grinder at a small place. However, you need to be careful when grinding coffee beans because the crank can get detached if you’re not careful and might cause damage. What’s more the grinder has a wide mouth opening and is detachable which means easy cleaning. 


Apart from durable build and convenient design, Javapresse is highly portable and user friendly. You can easily adjust the grinder and grind the coffee beans without hessle. Unlike other manual grinder it does not produce any cranking noise when grinding. Instead it produces a soft humming sound that is quite pleasant to ears. Our researcher found that JavaPresse Coffee grinder is 90% quieter than all the other manual coffee grinders. 


Furthermore, the grinding conical burr is made of food grade ceramic. Stainless steel burr is considered more durable then the ceramic one but it produces heat during the grinding process. On the contrary, ceramic burr doesn’t produce any heat as a result you enjoy a full flavored cup of joe every time. 

Grind Size Adjustment

One of the important factors that greatly influenced coffee taste and flavor is the grind size. A large grind size means low extraction and more bold taste while a fine grind size can overly extract the coffee beans and make it taste bitter. That’s why a grinder must have a particular grind size adjustment. JavaPresse comes with a total of 18 adjustable grind settings that allows you to grind the coffee from coarse to medium and fine.

How to find a good manual coffee grinder for french press?


JavaPresse manual coffee grinder may not be the cheapest coffee grinder in the market but it is also not the most expensive one. Rather it comes at an affordable price that makes it worth your penny. 

Final Verdict

Here you see how Javapresse is one of the best manual coffee grinder for espresso and french press. The grinder has a compact size and is made with premium stainless steel material to ensure durability. You can easily carry around the grinder in your bag and enjoy the freshly grind brewed coffee at the office, school and during outside adventures.