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Best Coffee Thermos Made in USA

If you are a coffee enthusiast and enjoy drinking coffee while traveling then you should have considered buying a coffee thermos like the Zojirushi Stainless Steel thermos. The coffee thermos is designed to keep your coffee at an ideal temperature throughout your journey. What’s more, the vacuum-insulated technology also prevents the beverage from spilling and making a mess while traveling. However, buying the best coffee thermos made in the USA is quite challenging as there are a variety of options available in the market. [1]

But you don’t need to worry anymore, we have tested and tried out the Zojirushi Stainless steel thermos for weeks and assessed its performance for both hot and cold coffee.

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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Thermos Review


Zojirushi stainless steel thermos looks a lot like other coffee thermoses in the market however there are a few noteworthy features that set it apart from others. First is the flip-flop design that makes it more convenient and effortless to use. It not only protects the beverage from spilling but also makes the mouthpiece more hygienic. Secondly, the flip-flop comes with a lock that further prevents leakage. So, if you’re planning to bring your vacuum thermos during camping, hiking, or driving it is the best hot beverage thermos made in the USA. 


Zojirushi Stainless steel thermos is the most durable and portable coffee thermos that we have reviewed so far. The thermos body is generally made with 18/8 stainless steel while the lid and other parts are made with BPA Plastic. Although it is made with stainless steel, it is extremely lightweight at just 9 ounces so you can easily carry it around. 


The thermos comes with perfect insulation that doesn’t allow the heat to trespass on the outer layer of the thermos. This not only keeps your coffee at an ideal temperature but also protects the thermos from getting too hot to hold it in your hands. As for how long it keeps the beverage hot/cold, we checked it by putting the hot and cold coffee periodically. To your surprise, the coffee remains hot for more than six hours as claimed by Zojirushi. So, even if they double the time it would still be correct. 

User Friendly

Combining quality performance and simple design the thermos is highly user-friendly. It’s lightweight and highly insulated, making it one of the best-made in America coffee thermos. However, it is a little tricky to clean the thermos as it accompanies various parts. Still, it is not as difficult as cleaning a food processor. Fortunately, the parts can come out easily and you can wash them separately. It is important to remember the thermos is not dishwasher safe so you have to wash it with your hands.


Value for Money

Lastly, Zojirushi comes at an extremely fair price. It may look a little pricey to you but considering how well this thermos works and how durable it is, its price is far less than the other thermos of the same durability in the market.  [2]

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Prominent Pros

  • Leakproof
  • Extraordinary insulation
  • Highly durable and portable

Notable Cons

  • Not dishwasher safe

Final verdict

Sometimes, while traveling, camping, or hiking a simple traveling mug doesn’t fulfill your needs. That’s where the Zojirushi Stainless steel traveling thermos comes into view. This sturdy and durable thermos comes with all the features that you need to keep your beverage hot/cold for long hours. It is extremely affordable with stellar insulation making it a good alternative to the Stanley thermos made in the USA.