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Best Coffee Grounds for Cold Brew at Walmart

Unlike hot coffee, cold coffee is quite effortless and straightforward to brew but you need to pay attention to certain factors such as coffee beans. Although professionals recommended freshly grounded coffee beans, pre-ground coffee beans can still provide a fresh and aromatic cup of joe. However, many people seem to be struggling with finding the best coffee grounds for cold brew at Walmart due to the overwhelming choices in the market. 

To help you find the best coffee beans for cold brew we have tested a number of brands in the market and Death Wish Co. Ground Coffee is our honest pick for you.

Our Choice for Best Coffee Grounds for Cold Brew at Walmart With Features

Created in 2012 by Mike Brown, Death Wish is considered one of the strongest coffee in the world. It offers four times stronger punch of caffeine than a normal cup of joe, a perfect option to keep you active and energetic throughout the day. That’s not all, it also delivers the best aroma and flavor than any other coffee brand making it one of the best Walmart cold brew coffee. 

Here’s a complete insight of our experience with an excellent coffee brand:


For a true coffeeholic, there is nothing as fascinating as the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of joe when he wakes up in the morning. Even before you have taste buds that have a tang of the flavor of your favorite cup of coffee, a heady and rich aroma can effortlessly send your nerves into overdrive and help you feel relaxed and active. Fortunately, Death wish comes with an excellent aroma that can make you feel reinvigorated and energetic instantly. 


After aroma, the taste is the most important part of coffee because it is the distinctive summary of the coffee’s taste and flavor characteristics, acidity, aroma, and sweetness. Surprisingly, Death Wish comes with an excellent range of flavors from subtle notes of cherry to chocolate, caramel, and strong notes of stone fruit. Although it has strong caffeine content, Death Wish coffee beans are less acidic and don’t accompany any bitter or burnt taste. 

Roast Level

When it comes to choosing the coffee beans for cold brew, the roast profile is highly important because it directly affects the taste and sweetness of the coffee. Death Wish offers the best cold brew coffee grounds, both medium and dark roast. Even the dark-roasted coffee beans taste sweeter and don’t contain bitterness at all.



One of the most important benefits of Death Wish coffee grounds is that they are 100% organic and certified. The beans are roasted carefully, are less acidic, and are very effective with a sensitive stomach. [2]

Reading the Starbucks dark roast review will give you a brief overview about it.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee?

Making Cold brew coffee is pretty effortless and straightforward. You don’t require any special equipment or machine to brew the cold coffee. Instead, it is made by steeping ground coffee in water. All you need is freshly ground beans, cold or room temperature water, a vessel to brew in, a filter, a plastic wrap or lid, and something to stir with. Start with 1 cup of coffee beans and four cups of water. It will produce four cups of cold brew coffee. Once you have the ingredients follow these steps: 

  1. Start with grinding 1 cup of coffee ground in a coffee grinder. 
  2. Add freshly ground beans in a jar, slowly pour 4 cups of water and stir it until the coffee becomes saturated.
  3. Now cover the jar with the lid or plastic wrap and place the jar in the refrigerator to let it steep for 12 hours. You can extend the time for 24 hours depending on your taste. 
  4. After 12 hours, filter the coffee in a separate jar and serve it right away.
  5. You can save the filtered coffee in the refrigerator for one week to enjoy it later. 

Below is a great video on ‘How to Make Cold Brew Coffee’ by Joshua Weissman.

Final Verdict

Cold brew coffee is widely popular among coffee enthusiasts due to its smooth, sweet, and less acidic taste and rich flavor. Death Wish Coffee ground is one of the best Walmart coarse ground coffee that offers the perfect flavor with a strong aroma that is enough to keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day.