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Top 10 Chefs in The World

Master chefs are those legendary souls of the culinary world who are the heart of many peoples. They commanded the culinary world by driving the people crazy for food. Are you crazy to know about the world’s best chefs?

Then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the ten best-known chefs in the world. They bring happiness all over the world by their magician culinary art and hardworking. Likewise, They are the most influential chefs who satisfy your tummies with delicious and nutritious food and rarely get appreciated.

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon was a French Chef, writer, restaurateur, and Tv personality. He has a 31 Michelin stars rating and considers the chef of the century. Furthermore, he is the chef with the most stars and holds the number one spot among the top 10 chefs in the world.

He was seriously ambitious and hardworking, specialized in French cuisine, and published several books. Moreover, He also hosted many television shows in France and chaired the committee for the Larousse Gastronomique.

He owned the world’s most famous 12 restaurants with delicious cuisine, located in big cities. Besides, He also wrote many cookbooks, out of which two were translated into English.  This fictitious character of the culinary world died on 6 august 2018 at the age of 73 years old.

Alain Ducasse

Among the top ten chefs of the world, Alain Ducasse is the most successful chef who gained twenty-one Michelin stars. Moreover, This French-born chef is the first one to lead three Michelin stars restaurants in three cities.

He is known for his perfectionism and world-class French cuisine. One of the most exciting things about Ducasse is, he is one of the chefs who sent his food into space.

He built an empire with 36 restaurants over the world within years. His world-renowned flagship restaurant is in London, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester.

Gordon James Ramsay

Gordon James Ramsay is a British chef, writer, and TV personality. This best-known and most influential chef wins 16 Michelin stars. Besides the legendary character of the culinary world, he is also a writer, as well as a TV personality.

Gordon left his athletic career and became a chef in London. He is known for performing TV shows, including Hell’s Kitchen, The F Word, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior as well as Hotel Hell, and 24Hours to Hell and Back about competitive cookery and food.

He is also known for his bluntness and fiery temper. Furthermore, He works magic in the kitchen, and his restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsey, awarded three Michelin stars. With his exceptional skills, he takes cooking to the next level.

Martin Berasategui

Martin Berasategui is the best Spanish chef in the world. He was awarded twelve Mechlin stars and is known as “The master of Michelin stars.”.

He owned ten restaurants, One of which is Restaurante Martin Berasategui, a three Michelin star restaurant. This renowned Basque chef works magic in the kitchen with his exceptional skills, and he fully knows how to serve the meal.

When Berasategui began his culinary career, there were no Michelin star restaurants in Basque Country; But now, he runs two restaurants with three Michelin stars. Besides, he is also the world’s third most decorated Michelin star chef.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is an English chef, writer, and restaurateur. He is best known for his comments against other chefs like Micro Pierre White, who was critical of Oliver in the past.

He is the second-best-selling British author and best-selling British non-fiction author. Moreover, His book “Jamie’s 30-minute Meal.” is a UK bestseller that sold millions of copies.

This legendary chef works against junk and ready-made food, insisting on safe and natural ingredients. Besides, he also runs a campaign on cooking natural, fresh, and nutritious food.

With his approachable cuisine, he hosted numerous TV shows and opened many restaurants. Of all the shows, Oliver’s twist is the best one, which name is a pun on Charles Dicken’s novel Oliver Twist.

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck is an American-Australian Chef. With his dynamic personality and culinary brilliance, he built an empire that encompasses three Wolfgang Puck entities: Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, Wolfgang Puck Catering, and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc.

He taught and practiced culinary from his childhood with his mother. With his ultimate culinary art, he built his empire. Moreover, he is also one of the most earning chefs on the earth. Moreover, he is also one of the most earning chefs on the earth.

He is most famous for Spago, which opened on Sunset Boulevard, and also wins the James Beard Restaurant of the Year award. Similarly, it also received two Michelin stars. Besides, Puck was also named the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) 2017 Gold Plate Winner.

Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller is an American chef, a recipe book writer as well as a restaurateur. Besides, He is the only American most prized 3-star chef for two different restaurants: ‘Per Se’ and ‘French Laundry.’ However, he is currently holding seven stars.

He does not have any formal culinary training in school. As a professional cook, Keller began his culinary career in Palm Beach, run by his mother. His famous work was his french dining restaurant ‘The French Laundry.’ which earned him enormous success and recognition.

Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White is a British star chef, restaurateur as well as a tv figure. He is considered the Godfather of modern-day cuisine, which makes his most significant contribution to modern international culinary.

Marco Pierre changed the way the world thought of British food, which is shit before he arrived. Moreover, He was named the first celebrity chef and also trained notable chefs such as Mario Batali, Gordon Ramsay, Curtis Stone, and Shannon Bennett.

One of the world’s best chefs, Heston Blumenthal, also works as an apprentice with Marco. Besides, he is also alleged to have made Gradon Ramsay cry when he works as an apprentice.

White became the world’s youngest chef to win three Michelin stars. Furthermore, He also became the judge of the popular competitive cooking show “The MasterChef Australia: Professionals.”

Daniela Soto-Innes

Daniela Soto-Innes, the trailblazing New York City chef behind Cosme and Atla, is a Mexican-born youngest chef. She is talented, energetic, and works like a rock star, paying close attention to her kitchen staff.

Soto-Innes is the world’s first female chef who runs three Micheline stars restaurants.  Furthermore, she also earned the James Beard Award for Rising Star Chef.

Besides culinary art, she is also skilled in creating and maintaining a highly motivated team. She is born with a culinary passion, which blossomed in the U.S, where she trained under entrepreneurs pros like Danny Trace, Chris Shepherd, and Enrique Olvera.

Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic is the world’s most awarded Michelin star, female chef. She is holding eight Michelin stars with her five restaurants, one carrying three Michelin stars, while the other bearing two Michelin stars.

Pic had no formal culinary training and just started her culinary career in her family’s restaurant Maison Pic in 1997. She opened her second restaurant, Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic, which has been given two Michelin stars.

Besides, she is the only three Michelin-starred female chef in France. Moreover, her grandfather was also a chef, and he also was the one who was first awarded three Michelin stars in 1934.