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Top Chef Koren Grieveson Biography

Koren Grieveson is a famous and widely recognized gourmet chef who is more popularly known for his lesbian relationship with another well-known cooking expert Anne Burrell. Koren has been in the field of culinary for over two decades. She is a gem with a knife and cutlery. Since adopting the career as a professional cook in 1998, she has been working with some well-reputed restaurants, including Avec, Blackbird, and Resto.

She has also appeared as a celebrity chef on a couple of high-ranked TV shows, including Top Chef and Iron Chef America: The Series. James Beard Award winner Grievson is a millionaire and has been earning more and more fame and money with his masterful skill of culinary. Let’s have a look at her family background, education, achievements in professional life, and relationship status.

Family Background and Early Life

She was born on November 4, 1971, in Luanda, Angola (a country situated in the southern region of Africa). Her country of birth and many other countries, including Iran, Brazil, and England, her family frequently visited or lived in her early years, reflects the mobile nature of her family business.

We don’t have much information about her family such that the names and ages of her parents and siblings, but sources claim that her father was involved in the poultry business, most probably based outside the USA. However, her family was eventually settled in the United States in the late 80s or early 90s.

Education and Start of Professional Life

As we have mentioned earlier, Koren frequently traveled across the globe in her early years. So she got most of her early education outside the states. Still, she got her professional degree in the USA and attended the Culinary Institute of America which shows her interest in the field of culinary since her teen years.

Although Koren got professional education in the field of culinary, she doesn’t start her professional life as a cook. Instead, she served in the military for a little more than nine years. She left her military job in 1998 and started her new career as a professional chef in the same year. Tim Anderson, who is an expert with the knife and cutlery himself, was the primary force behind this decision of hers.

Early Work and Success as The Gourmet Chef

Grievson’s first stunt as a professional cook was at Kohan’s Blackbird. Where she served five years as the sous chef from 1998 to 2003. Later she moved to Avec, where she worked as the floor manager until 2012 and also ran the kitchen at Claudette in those years. Recently she served as the executive chef at NYC Resto for half a year. And currently, she is working as a met chef at a gastro bar, Rusto, in New York.

Koren is a bit shy person and doesn’t like to be recognized. However, she did have appeared on a couple of TV shows. She has appeared on two of the most well-known and high-quality TV shows Top Chef, Iron Chef America: The Series. Until now, Grieveson has become an established gourmet chef and the recipient of the James Beard Award for Best Chef.

Along with public fame and recognition as a skillful chef, Koren has earned a lot of money too.  It is estimated that she has a net worth of around five million dollars.

Age and Physical Appearance

Koren is 48 years old now and stands tall at the height of 5’7’’. She is a gracious lady who has a slim body and likes to keep her dark brown hair short. Her dark brown eyes and a fit body complement each other to give her physique the look of a leader.

Relationship Status

Koren Grievson has an open lesbian relationship with Anne Barrel, who is also a renowned sous chef and a famous TV personality. They met each other on the set of the TV series, Iron Chef America, in 2012. Both of them were pretty open about their relationship right from the beginning. And Anne was the first of two who announced that they are engaged on December 31 later that year.

Just like Koren, Anne has also attended the Culinary Institute of America and completed her education as in Associate in Occupation Studies in 1996. She has also participated at the Italian Culinary Institute of Foreigners (ICIF) in Asti, Italy. After completing his degrees, Anne worked in various restaurants and has appeared on many famous TV shows.

Presence on Social Media

Koren is very active on Twitter and has more than 2.1K followers on the social media platform. Mostly, she likes to tweet about the tips and recipes of various dishes and the new techniques in culinary. Besides the tweets about her profession, she also tweets and retweets about ongoing political and other social issues at times.

Other than Twitter, Grievson has no presence on any other social media platform like Facebook and Instagram.