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Birkenstock Chef Shoes Review

With a Marvelous history of decades, Barikenstock produces the best shoes for kitchen workers & has been leading the shoe markte with their unqiue desing and comfortable soles that has been manufactured specifically for those who spend long hours of working standing in the kitchen.

That’s the reason, customer support this brand wholeheartedly and it ranked first in Chef’s pencil survey held on shoes brand favoured by the chef. That’s also the reason why birkenstock chef shoes sale has kept  increased by dual as compared to the competitors. 

In this article we will review one of the best birkenstock chef shoes and discuss the fact why it  is favoured by the chefs. [1]

Birkenstock Chef Shoes Features

​Fast Facts about the Birkenstock Profi Birki

  • 100% Polyurethane fabric
  • Synthetic Polyurethane outer sole
  • Microfiber insole
  • Imported from Germany
  • Lab tested anti-Slip sole and water repellent body
  • Dishwahser safe 
  • 1.5 inches heel


This amazing shoes is made of certified water resistant synthetic Polyurethane and comes with a high heel and an extended front that efficiently enclose your foot and ensure smooth rooling throughout the day. Also, the sole is highly slip resistant which ensure you can comfortably walk around the slippry or greased cover floor in your kitchen. 

Thet shoe material also repel dust, dirt and stains and dishwasher safe, making it more easy to clean the shoes and an ideal choice to wokr in the kitchen environment. You can wash the shoes up to 80° Celsius/ 176° Fahrenheit, so after an hectic day simply remove the shoes insole, throw it in dishwasher and place them for drying.

On the next morning you will get completely new stain free shoes ready at your service. 

Cushion and Comfort

Birkenstock chef shoes are specifically designed for chef who have walk around the buy kitchen and work longer hours, thus they are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. The insole is removable and made with microfiber bristels, to keep your foot sweat free and cool in the hot kitchen environment.


The polyurethane material is also breathable and sock resistant to provide further support and comfort to your feet and reduce any strain on your feet, legs and back. What’s more the footbed is also malleable which means you can mold your foot in any direction without the fear of tearing of breaking. [2]

Value and Cost

Birkenstock is a name that customer trust the most. Their shoes are made with premium quality, long lasting material and have unique design that are specifically designed keeping the chef in mind.

What’s more, unlike other shoes material tat get stained easily, they are easy to clean and stain resistant which means you don’t have to spend money on buying shoes again and again. 

What shoes should I wear in the kitchen? We’ve briefly discussed it in our article.

The shoes also don’t come at a very high price. If you use this shoes with proper care, they will last for a long time. Although the sole can wear down after some time, but you can replace it at a very fair price. 

Final verdict

If you’re looking for a better quality, comfortable chefs shoes that can last longer and provide maximum support during your long hours in the kitchen, then Birkenstock is the suitable choice for you. Those shoes are highly durable and comfortable to wear, making a perfect kitchen partner for tirelessly working chefs.