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Best Griddle Pan to Buy

Griddle Pans have become widely popular over a few years due to their versatility as you can cook a variety of foods including bacon, french toast, pancakes, burgers, steaks, pork chops, and even seafood. Since they are in demand there is huge competition in the market as there are different types of griddles such as best griddle grill, stovetop griddle, and large electric griddle it’s sometimes challenging to find the best griddle pan for your kitchen. 

Which one is the best Grill Pan? We’ve reviewed top grill pans for you to select from.

 But you don’t need to worry. 

We have tested various griddle pans in the market and found the best for you that’s both highly durable and user-friendly. We have analyzed various factors like size, material, handle material, handle size, non-stick surface, and other attributes and we’re sure that this griddle pan will live up to your standards and cater to your all cooking needs. [1]

Let’s take a look at the features of the Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan:

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Review


  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Handle Material: Cast Iron
  • Non-Stick Surface: Yes


Preseason and ready to use, this cast iron griddle pan comes in a unique rectangular shape with shallow sidewalls to neatly contain all the seasoning, oil, and other ingredients throughout the cooking process. The griddle is large enough to cook two bacon, three steaks and one egg in one go making it a perfect griddle for preparing breakfast for a large family. 


This griddle is made with cast iron to ensure durability. The cast iron is highly rust-resistant and corrosion resistant ensuring the pan should last for decades. Moreover, it also comes with an additional non-stick coating to enhance its reliability making it the best griddle for pancakes. This means your food would not stick to the griddle when you’re using little oil or no oil at all. 


A Lodge Cast iron griddle is highly convenient and user-friendly. The cast iron material is highly durable and offers even heating of the griddle throughout the cooking process. It heats up quickly and remains hot for a long time when you turn off the stove. It also comes with a long sturdy ergonomic handle that provides a strong and comfortable grip. 

There is also a significant hole in the handle that can help you to hang the griddle on the wall. So, if you don’t have much space in the cabinet to store the griddle you can simply hang it with the hook on the wall. What’s more, this griddle is oven safe and you can easily use the oven, grill, and electric stove as well. 

Value for Money

This griddle pan may not be the cheapest one in the market but it’s the most reasonable one among all the griddles we have tested so far. It comes at a reasonable price and could last for a longer possible time. So, if you’re looking for a budget option without compromising on quality and performance this would be the best griddle you would ever have.


Prominent Pros

  • Highly Durable
  • User friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Large sturdy handle

Notable Cons

  • The handle may get hot during the cooking process

What is the difference between a griddle and a frying pan?

The main difference between a griddle and a frying pan is in their shape and the purpose of using them. For instance, a griddle is a plan plate-like cookware that can be round or square depending on the manufacturer. It can have low or no edges at all. Griddles are mostly used to prepare breakfast such as pancakes, eggs, burgers, or sandwiches. Some griddles also come with ridges and hence are used to grill the cheese or meat at home.

Looking for the best grill pan for an electric stove? Checking our guide can help you.

On the other side, the frying pan comes in a round shape and has raised walls. Frying pans are commonly used for cooking, sauteing, or roasting chicken, steaks, or vegetables. You can make sandwiches, pizza, and dessert in the frying pan but not on a griddle. [2]

Final Verdict

We are aware that a griddle pan is a must-have in our kitchens and the Lodge Cast iron Griddle Pan is the best fit for the collection. It is highly durable, convenient, and larger than regular griddles catering to all of your kitchen needs. The smooth non-stick surface ensures even heat distribution and prevents your food from burning and scorching making it the best value for your money and efforts. 

However, if you’re looking for a griddle for your outside adventures and camping then Lodge cast iron may not the ideal option as it is heavy/ For the best outdoor gas griddle we would recommend De-Buyer Carbon Steel Griddle Pan as it is lightweight and you don’t need to take extra care of it. And for the best electric griddle for pancakes, we would suggest Cuisinart GR-300WSP1 Elite Griddler as it is highly versatile and quite easy to use.