10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners 2021

As we know, the knife is an essential part of our lives to slice anything weather we are cooking in the kitchen or eating some fruits. All we need is a sharp knife. Dull and chipped blades cause frustration and annoyance. And, as a professional chef, you also know a flat knife blade doesn’t correctly cut the vegetables. Besides, it can also be dangerous; Since you are cutting a slippery portion of the meat, you might accidentally cut your hand.

But don’t worry!

We are here with the solution.

Electric knife sharpeners are safe-to-use and more efficient as they need less human involvement for their functionality. These sharpeners are convenient to use as they do not need much skill and expertise. They are time-saving and are much more useful to prevent knives from being degenerate and blunt.

Among all the options available in the market, some products can easily list as the best electric knife sharpeners. Now, we will discuss different features of these prolific products with its significant pros and cons, along with a brief description. After reading this article, you will be readily able to select the best electric knife sharpener well suited to your requirement.

Top Rated

Work Sharp Knife

Work Sharp Knife

Best Price

EdgeKeeper Electric Knife

EdgeKeeper Electric Knife

1. Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Whether you are a professional cook or use to go to the kitchen just for your family, Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect could be your first choice sharpener for all types of your kitchen knives. This professional electric knife sharpener provides you the long-lasting 15-degree edges sharpness in around 60 seconds only. While sharpening a blade for the second or third time would take just 10 seconds or so.

Its 3-Stage EdgeSelect sharpening mechanism sharpens your knife with perfection and allows you to get edges as sharp as your cutting task requires. Stages 1 and 2, platted with 100-percent diamond, and stage 3 having patented flexible abrasive mechanism complement each other to provide you the knife edges of smooth and fluent cutting ability.

Trizor XV makes the knives sharp like never before but doesn’t buy this brilliant product if you are used to 20-degree edges as this sharpener only provides 15-degree edges. Most importantly, don’t forget to read the PDF manual sent to you by Chef’sChoice to make full use of its 3-Stage EdgeSelect sharpening mechanism.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
The 3-stage mechanism provides razor-sharp and smooth edges.It only works with 15-degree blades and doesn’t hone  20-degree edges.
It can be used with serrated knives as well as any expensive knife.Its price is a bit higher as compared to the other electric knife sharpeners.
A PDF manual is provided by the company to understand how to use it quickly.
Chef’sChoice is providing a 3-year warranty.

2. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

Do you love cutting with knives that have convex edges? Well, then you should consider using this sharpener that has so many flexible yet astonishing features. It has an adjustable angle guide that provides razor-sharp edges from 15 to 30 degrees. Fortunately, You can also change the angle up to a minimum of 1-degree by just turning the knob.

Its motor can deliver more power with an improved cooling system. So, consequently, You can perform multiple sharpening tasks like slow speed honing or high speed grinding by adjusting the motor speed. This reliable tool delivers fast, precise, and long-lasting sharpness with its premium flexible abrasive belts.

You can use this sharpener to sharpen every kind of knife or scissors. Because, its 6000 grit belt that can measure up to half of an inch, make much better contact with edges that aren’t easy to reach for any other tool.

The metal particles that come off the edge during sharpening can produce some ugly scratches on your blade. You can avoid these scratches by taping the sides of the blade with a suitable taping material. Read and follow the instructions given in the manual to avoid any confusion during the sharpening process.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
It recreates convex blade edges elegantly.Metal shavings coming off the blade can lead to a bit messy situation at times.
It provides a razor-sharp blade like never before.You have to wear eye protection and a face mask to avoid these metal shavings.
An adjustable angle guide makes it versatile.You may need to practice some times, preferably with some cheap knives to get used to all of its features.
Its motor speed can be adjusted to control the honing in a better way.
6000 grit belt can brilliantly sharpen not only every type of knife but scissors too.

3. Chef’sChoice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

What could make this product your first choice sharpener, is its versatility. Whether you want to sharpen a Euro/American style 15-degree knife or an Asian style 20-degree knife, 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone provides you razor-sharp and smooth edges. It can sharp your kitchen, sports, pocket serrated, or any other knife in just around 1 minute.

Its advanced spring guide system allows you to control the sharpening angle with precision and accuracy. It has 100-percent diamond abrasives and patented flexible polishing discs that provide you a blade with fluent and long-lasting sharpness.

Don’t forget to read the manual provided by Chef’sChoice to understand how to use this versatile tool with perfection.

Besides, This sharpener is specially designed to sharpen 20-degree edges with significant control over the sharpening process. Its 3-Stage EdgeSelect sharpening mechanism provides you an elegant, razor-sharp blade. Stages 1 and 2, platted with 100-percent diamond, make the blade honed and fluent. While stage 3, with a patented flexible abrasive mechanism, prevents roughness and makes the edges smooth and clean

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
It works equally well with 15-degree and 20-degree blades.It cannot be used with ceramic knives and scissors.
It’s time-saving and efficient.Using this with a serrated knife isn’t an easy task for everyone.
100-percent diamond abrasives and patented flexible polishing discs complement each other to recreate a razor-sharp blade.
It is quite easy to use, and the company also provides a pretty easy to understand manual.
There is a 3-year warranty available with the unit.

4. Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

This Professional Electric Knife Sharpner works equally well with gourmet chef’s knives, butcher knives, sporting knives, serrated knives, pocket knives, or any other kind of blade.

Once you have understood the instructions provided in the manual, it will be effortless to use this tool. However, It is time-saving and reliable. Besides, Chef’sChoice is also giving a 3-year warranty with this product that already has some imposing features.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
The company provides a 3-year warranty.
The advanced 3-stage mechanism produces fluent razor-sharp and effortless sharpness.It is not suitable for your expensive knives.
It works tremendously with 20-degree blades.Diamond dust particles may leave scratches on your knife. 
It is a very convenient and handy household gadget that can everyone quickly learn to use.

5. Work Sharp Wood Tool Sharpener

As the name suggests, this product is primarily made to sharpen woodworking tools, including chisels, plane irons, spokeshaves, carving, and Lathe tools. It is fast and time-saving as you do not need to adjust the sharpening angle every time; instead, its sharpening port has pre-installed settings of 200, 250, 300, and 350 bevel angles and automatically save these values for the next use.

Its powerful 0.2 HP motor with 580 rpm speed has an air-cooled, dry sharpening mechanism. Hence, it provides consistent disk speed for any woodworking tool and prevents the production of excessive heat.

Work Sharp is providing several standard six-inch, adhesive-backed abrasive disks. And you can attach these disks to the original product depending on the nature of your task.

You need to be extra careful sharpening the tools that are comparatively smaller in size. Moreover, keep the extra accessories at a safe place, preferably in a box as the company is not providing a case that can fill all the accessories currently.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
It can be used with almost every woodworking tool.Sharpening small and slim tools requires some extra attention.
The pre-installed and savable sharpening angle settings make it fast and time-saving.There is no case or bag provided by the company with extra accessories
Powerful motor with consistent speed works efficiently and doesn’t produce too much heat.
Extra accessories are available to be attached to the original unit.

6. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

If you are looking for a professional electric knife sharpener at an affordable price than Presto 08810 could solve your problem. It is quite inexpensive and convenient to be used with kitchen knives as well as sports knives.

It has a three-stage sharpening system that provides you a blade of effortless and efficient sharpness. Its interchangeable blade guides allow you to control the sharpening process by providing precise and appropriate sharpening angles.

Remember, this sharpener works best for non-serrated knives. Read and follow the instructions given in the manual to avoid any further confusion.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
It comes at a lower price as compared to some other electric knife sharpeners.
It doesn’t work very well for serrated knives.
It uses a 3-stage sharpening mechanism to produce fluent and smooth sharpness.You may need to practice a lot to be familiar with its mechanism and feature.
Its interchangeable blade guides make the sharpening process much controlled and precise.

7. EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener

EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener is a compact yet efficient, professional sharpener made with diamond-coated sharpening wheels that provide quick and precise sharpness. It follows a two-stage sharpening mechanism to produce fluent and effortless sharpness. Moreover, It also has slot angles to position your blade at an angle best suited to your task.

Its non-slip feet help it to hold ground during the sharpening process that makes it a safe device to use. Another standout feature of this tool is a removable magnet. So, consequently, it allows you to collect the metal shavings making cleaning and maintenance a lot easier.

EdgeKeeper sharpener can ideally sharpen Western-style kitchen knives. However, it has some limitations as it cannot use to sharpen sporting knives, serrated knives, ceramic knives, electric knives, or scissors. Make sure the blade you want to sharpen with this gadget has fitted correctly in the sharpening slot.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Automatic blade positioningNot meant for ceramic or serrated knives
Uses Two-stage sharpening systemIn rare cases, the edges may not be uniform
Rubber feet for stability

8. Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

This is a battery-operated electric sharpener that uses advanced 2-stage settings to recreate razor-sharp blades. It has a removable diamond wheel cartridge that features two settings, Fine (#800 grit) and Coarse (#600 grit). Coarse settings convert a rough blade into a sharp and fluent one, and Fine settings make it smooth.

The diamond wheel cartridge and its cover can be removed that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. You can also replace the cartridge (after a year or so) to make sure precise and consistent sharpening. Universal knife guide slot provides an excellent, tip-to-handle sharpness to the blade. This high-powered, plug-in sharpener has a battery that doesn’t lose power after some time and ensures consistent razor-sharp honing.

This sharpener is made to sharpen ceramic and stainless steel knives. It is not suitable to use this gadget to sharpen scissors, serrated knives, hunting knives, folding knives, pocket knives, or any other non-kitchen knife.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
A high-powered, plug-in, battery-supported sharpener that consistently produces fluent sharpness.It is not suitable for non-ceramic knives.
It has two settings, Fine (#800 grit) and Coarse (#600 grit) to recreate a sharp and smooth blade.Its plastic case makes it vulnerable
Cleaning and maintenance are pretty easy.

9. Gourmia Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

A high quality, inexpensive, stainless steel 2-stage sharpener that works equally great for cutlery, sports, and tactical knives. It has a 2-stage mechanism featuring two blade guides to provide coarse sharpening as well as fine honing. Passing the blade through each stage 3-5 times recreates a razor-sharp knife. Its fixed angles guide ensure the precision and accuracy of the sharpening process.

It has a built-in handle that ensures the safety and efficiency of the sharpening process. The unit has an elegant look, small and slim in size. So, consequently, it can be effortlessly moved from one place to another. Cleaning and maintenance of the unit are always easy as you can use a damp cloth to wipe it and a mild brush to remove debris from it.

Although Gourmia Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener can work with any blade it works excellent specifically with pocket, ceramic, and hunting knives.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
Made with stainless steel, it has an elegant designYou may need to repeat the honing process for 3-5 times to get enough sharpness.
It doesn’t cost too much.
It hs two blade guides and a fixed angle guide that produces precise and fluent sharpness.
Stainless steel case allows easy cleaning and maintenance.


10. Chef’sChoice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener

This is a sharpener comprising some incredible Chef’sChoice features at a quite affordable price. It combines electric and manual sharpening using 3-stage hybrid technology to provide a razor-sharp blade with fluent and smooth sharpness. Stage 1 and 2 produce an excellent electric sharpening, while stage 3 provides manual honing to create a knife as sharp as never before. Ultra-thin diamond abrasives in stage 3 guarantee an ultra-sharp blade with smooth edges.

This sharpener can be used to sharpen almost every kind of knives such as straight and serrated knives, kitchen and household, sporting knives, and pocket knives. To put the icing on the cake, Chef’sChoice is giving one year warranty with this great product. Don’t forget to read out the manual to fully understand its 3-stage honing technology.

Prominent ProsNotable Cons
It comes at a much lower price as compared to other sharpeners from Chef’sChoice.You have to sharpen the blade manually in the last stage of its 3-stage hybrid honing mechanism.
It can be used with almost every kind of knives.
Chef’sChoice provides a one-year warranty.

How to Pick the Best Electric Knife Sharpener? – An ultimate Buying Guide

You have seen electric knife sharpeners are one of the essential tools in the kitchen. You also read the brief review of the top 10 best electric knives sharpener our writer had chosen for you. But before you select one to buy, we would like you to read our buying guide to the best sharpening stone.

Let’s take a look!

What kind of knives do you want to sharpen?

In the above review you have seen, all sharpeners are not suitable for the same kind of knives. Like, Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener is perfect for serrated blades but does not work for ceramic knives and scissors. So, if you want to sharpen ceramic knives, you would not choose this one, but Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener can fulfill your need. Still, some sharpeners can sharpen all types of knives. Hence, Ensure you are buying the correct one, which is perfect for the knives you want to sharpen.

Number of knife blade slots

Once you have decided which sharpener is best for your knives type, the very next thing is to think about the blade slots your sharpener has. Electric sharpeners come from single blade slots to multiple blade slots. Ask yourself- if you want a single stage sharper or multiple?

If you compare, a multiple slot sharpener is more best than a single one. May the first slot is perfect in grinding the hard abrasive surface while the second or third is perfect for sharpening and polishing the dull and chipped blades.

Single or double-bevel sharpener

To decide between a single or double-sided sharpener, you have to consider the knife blade’s shape and level as single-Sided sharpeners create flat Bavel, perfect for sharpening serrated and chisel blades. The only downside is, it sometimes scratches the knives, which in return influence the sharpening process. On the other hand, a double-sided sharpener uses a rotary mechanism and creates a thicker and thinner concave bevel, which is not suitable for serrated. The only advantage, it allows you to sharpen more than one blade at once, but the concave bevel is weaker than the one created by the single-sided sharpener.

Grinding / Abrasive Material

Another critical point you should consider is the grinding material of the electric sharpener. There is a different abrasive material, but diamond is the best one to sharp and horn knives to excellent perfection. Nevertheless, Sharpeners with diamond coated material are a little expensive, but they still do an excellent job. After diamond, ceramic is the other one, that horn the dull and serrated knives to razor-sharpness. Sharpeners with combined ceramic and diamond abrasive are also popular. Besides, carbide and tungsten are also best, but their performance is inferior to the other two.


As you have seen, unit prices vary significantly between $15 to $20 on the low end and $150 to $200 on the high end. Low price sharpeners are usually for common household usage, while pricey models are mainly intended for professionals. Hence, You must estimate your budget. It will help you in deciding on what kind of sharpener you look for. If you want to look for a cheaper one, EdgeKeeper electric knife is our best choice.

Safety and Warranty

Don’t ignore safety. It should be your priority when you buy any electric or other equipment. Many good models are not safe to use. Hence, when you buy a sharpener, consider the one with a non-slip base to avoid any accident. Moreover, also pay attention to the unit’s warranty; it must be at least 2-years.

Conclusion: What is the best electric knife sharpener?

Well, we aren’t going to write the name of a single product to answer this question as you can see each product on the list has many salient characteristics. You can relate these products to your regular cutting tasks so that you can have a better idea of one specific product, the investment on which will be your wisest option, Phew!

Also check our buying guide to best sharpening stone for knives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which knife sharpener is the best?

It depends on your preferences, budget, and purpose of use. In this list, the top-rated knife sharpener is Work Sharp Knife.

Moreover, Chef’s choice 250 is a good choice for beginners.

Does the knife sharpener need to be “emptied”?

Once a year or so (depending on usage), you can remove metal dust, accumulated inside the sharpener by removing the small rectangular clean-out cover.

Are the Chef’s Choice Sharpeners easy to use?

Yes, the built-in elastomeric springs hold the knife blade securely and precisely against the angle guides, eliminating all guesswork. To demonstrate how easy it is to use read this article carefully.

Will the Chef’s Choice Sharpeners cause excessive wear to my knives?

No. It removes a microscopic amount of metal, while most of re-sharpening take place during polishing/stropping stage.

Do I need to use oil, water or any other lubricant with the Chef’s Choice Sharpeners?

No. Do not use oil, water or any other lubricant; it may cause electrical hazards.